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Natural Tooth-Colored Fillings – Instead of Silver Fillings

Tooth colored fillings have actually been in existence since the 1950’s. The materials used were self-cured particles with few color choices and were only used in the anterior part of the mouth. Visible light-cured particles were introduced in the 1970’s. These smaller diameter particles were much more life-like and began replacing silver mercury amalgam fillings. In the last 15 years, these color stable materials have been used in both the anterior and posterior areas of the mouth and have become the accepted standard in dentistry. Few patients desire dark silver mercury fillings when tooth colored particles are natural, esthetic and a better choice for your dental health.

Natural Tooth-Colored Fillings – Benefits

  • Accepted as the standard in modern dentistry
  • Better choice for your dental health
  • Natural and more esthetic looking than silver fillings
  • Less tooth reduction

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